New Campus Life Center will feature more inviting, flexible spaces

New Campus Life Center will feature more inviting, flexible spaces

At a campus presentation, the architectural firm chosen to design Emory's new Campus Life Center outlined initial concepts for replacing the west portion of the current Dobbs University Center with three pavilions connected by a trellis-like roof. Learn more about the project.

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August: 10 things to do for $10 or less

Summer is winding down, but there are still lots of entertaining events and educational opportunities to enjoy -- from creating art "In the Cards" to exhibits, movies and more.

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Erica Jong comes to Emory for Decatur Book Festival

Novelist Erica Jong, known for her ground-breaking book "Fear of Flying," appears Sept. 4 at Emory's Schwartz Center for Performing Arts. Free tickets will be available Aug. 11.

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Emory marks first anniversary of Ebola care

On Aug. 2, 2014, the first Ebola patient in the United States stepped slowly from the back of an ambulance and walked into Emory University Hospital. Take a look back at Emory's impact since then.

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Ebola at Emory: An Extraordinary Year

It has been one year since Emory University Hospital prepared to accept the first patient to be treated for Ebola virus disease in the United States.

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Gilbert's spirit, expertise a hallmark of campus life career

When Alexandra "Lex" Gilbert retired in July after seven years in the Emory Campus Life Office of Health Promotion (OHP), she left her indelible mark on dozens of OHP initiatives and bequeathed her indefatigable "can do" spirit to the office's students, staff and faculty.

Campus Life

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Tick research benefits animal, human health

As summer sets in, and insects become more abundant, most of us look for ways to avoid them, especially the parasitic ones like ticks. But Elizabeth Gleim, visiting assistant professor in biology at Oxford, actually seeks these creatures out.

Oxford College

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The legacy of Emory at Grady: The beginning

It was an unlikely partnership -- a newly formed, suburban medical school and an urban hospital for the poor -- but it's one that has stood the test of time. For the past 100 years, every single Emory medical student has received clinical training at Grady.

Emory Department of Medicine

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Former Emory baseball player signs contract with Gateway Grizzlies

Jared Welch, a former standout on the Emory University baseball team, is continuing his career after recently signing a contract with the Gateway Grizzlies of the Frontier League.

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