Photos: Oxford Institute for Environmental Education, June 1-6, 2014

June 9, 2014


Professors of biology and OIEE instructors Eloise Carter and Steve Baker use a seine net to explore the ecosystem of Oxhouse Lake.

IMG 02
Dakotah Campbell, teacher at Covington’s Newton High School, holds up the net used to capture lake organisms that will be closely examined later.
IMG 03
An OIEE participant examines a specimen caught by netting in the lake.
IMG 04
Specimen pans quickly fill with contents of the net used to take samples from the lake.
IMG 05
Participants dissect the fish caught in the lake, then use microscopes to examine their digestive systems to see what other organisms they have eaten.
IMG 06
Participants dig holes on the grounds of Oxford’s Old Church as part of their exercise in creating schoolyard investigation projects for their science curricula.
IMG 07
In the Georgia Wildlife Federation’s wetlands, participants measure radii (see measuring tape) and work on identifying species within the delimited space.
IMG 08

(Left to right) Emory senior and OIEE intern Maddie Metz; Steve Baker, Oxford professor of biology; and Dena Keiss, a teacher from Atlanta’s Intown Community School, cool off on a log in the wetlands area of the Georgia Wildlife Federation.



The Oxford Institute for Environmental Education helps teachers at all grade levels learn to use their school grounds for scientific investigation. The six-day workshop teaches principles of ecology in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and how to create lesson plans based on this knowledge. Photos courtesy Oxford.