Four students wearing Homecoming shirts pose for a photo
Students take a selfie with Swoop
Swoop rides a mechanical bull shaped like a football
Four students pose for a photo
Students pose under a tent with Emory cups
Four students pose for a photo, one holds a ukulele
Five students sit on the steps outside of the Emory Student Center
A huge group of students pose for a photo
Two students pose in front of a HoCo 2019 poster
Three women pose for a photo
A wide shot of the tents set up on the Emory quad during Homecoming week
A student interacts with Swoop
Two students smile and pose for a photo
Students visit tents set up during Homecoming Week


2019 Emory Homecoming Week

Oct. 29, 2019

Students celebrated their love for Emory and Atlanta with "Swoop State" Homecoming activities ranging from carnival-like games and mechanical football rides to live student performances and plenty of photo opps. And fun-loving Swoop was in the middle of it all, as usual.