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Proposed tariffs likely won't have desired effect, say Emory experts

March 9

Emory experts available to comment on 2018 Winter Olympics

Feb. 14

Atlanta mayor's race could signal historic change for city, Emory experts say

Dec. 4

GA Sixth District race is a dead heat, bellwether for national races, say Emory experts

June 15

Maryland, District of Columbia lack standing to sue president, says Nash

June 13

Recent U.K. vote bad for Conservatives, but not as bad as it first appears, says Emory expert

June 9

Environmental law expert discusses impact of executive order on climate change

March 28

Dutch electorate rejects `un-Dutch' Wilders candidacy

March 20

Law experts ready to provide insight on Gorsuch

Feb. 1

Experts available to comment on immigration

Feb. 1

What will be Trump's challenges and opportunities? Emory experts weigh in

Jan. 13

Errors, voter suppression have more impact on elections than voter fraud, say Emory experts

Oct. 20

Experts available to comment on Rio 2016 Olympics

Aug. 1

Opposition to SCOTUS nominee could be politically dangerous, say Emory scholars

March 16

Justice Scalia's legacy and the changes in store for the Supreme Court

Feb. 15

Emory researchers gearing up to fight Zika

Feb. 5

Emory experts explore Pope Francis' visit and influence

Sept. 17

Underdogs will fight to stand out at second GOP debate, say debate experts

Sept. 15

Migrant crisis strains the E.U., says Emory expert

Sept. 4

White supremacy groups played prominent role in American politics

June 25

Supreme Court likely to rule in favor of same-sex marriage, say Emory experts

April 27

Expect net neutrality to end, says Emory University experts

Feb. 23

Emory experts see trends in Paris terror attack

Jan. 9

Emory experts see trends in Paris terror attack

Jan. 9

Experts available to discuss reactions to Ferguson verdict

Nov. 24

Scottish independence vote will be close, Emory expert says

Sept. 16

Terror networks expanding by marketing in the West, expert says

Sept. 4

Clergy, faith playing pivotal roles in Ferguson, says Emory's Franklin

Aug. 27

Africans' fears of Ebola treatment have complex origins, says Emory expert

Aug. 8

Georgia Senate race tightest in years

July 24

Georgia Republican primary runoff

July 21

President Obama limited without Congress on immigration reform, says Price

July 3

Legal precedent supports NBA's decision on Donald Sterling, Emory professor says

June 27

Supreme Court decisions: Emory experts weigh in

June 11

Cantor's Republican primary loss: Emory experts comment

June 11

Experts available to discuss Brazil, World Cup

June 10

Open collaboration revolutionizes organizational models, says Emory's Prietula

March 28

Same-sex marriage coming to southern states, says law expert

Feb. 18

Experts available to comment on State of the Union address

Jan. 23

JFK Assassination: Experts available to discuss history and politics

Nov. 15

Supreme Court new term: What to expect

Oct. 15

Government Shutdown: Experts available to discuss economic impact, politics

Oct. 4

Affordable Care Act experts

Oct. 2

Government Shutdown: Expect it or worse, says Abramowitz

Sept. 25

March on Washington 50th anniversary

Aug. 22

Super Tuesday key for Republican candidates

Feb. 15

Election 2012: Expect a long primary season

Jan. 23

State of the Union Address experts

Jan. 22

Election 2012: Experts evaluate S.C. primary contest

Jan. 12

Election 2012: Voter trends to watch in early primaries

Jan. 10

Election 2012: Experts available

Dec. 14

'Super Committee' unlikely to deliver real results

Dec. 1