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Two needles and a handful of pills sit on a desk

Emory Magazine: Moving the Needle

A national opioid epidemic is driving people from pills to heroin, filling emergency rooms with overdose cases, and killing tens of thousands of Americans every year. What are we doing about it?

Michael Dubin sits on a chair in the scenic Emory quadrangle

Emory Magazine: Life Unscripted

For Emory College alumnus Michael Dubin, improvisation has paid off. His company, Dollar Shave Club, launched in 2011 with a marketing video that went viral; five years later, he sold it for $1 billion. Learn the five life lessons that Dubin says contributed to his success.

A medical student smiles while caring for Sara, a Haitian baby with a rare birth defect

Emory Health Digest: Sara's Journey

A determined medical student helps a Haitian baby with a rare birth defect come to Atlanta for surgery.

Several bunk beds line a large, tiled room

Emory Health Digest: Combating AIDS in Atlanta

Why the 'public health capital of the world' has such high rates of HIV/AIDS, and how researchers are trying to turn the tide.

An athlete stares into the practice basketball court at the Emory Sports Medicine Complex

Emory Health Digest: Go Where the Pros Go

If an Atlanta Hawks player gets injured at practice, he can walk right across the hall to the Emory Sports Medicine Complex, adjacent to the team's front office and practice facility. And it's not just for elite athletes -- staffed by Emory sports medicine specialists, the medical and rehabilitation complex is open to the public.

President Carter speaks to a group of students

A unique collaboration: Emory University + The Carter Center

To the immense pride of both institutions, the partnership between Emory University and The Carter Center now spans more than 35 years of addressing some of the world's most pressing problems.

The Emory quadrangle is full of graduates at the 2018 Commencement ceremony

Emory Report: Honoring Emory's Class of 2018

173rd Commencement | May 14, 2018

Jessica Thompson holds up a small bone under a magnifying glass

eScienceCommons: Bonding over bones, stones and beads

Emory students help unravel prehistoric mysteries of hunter-gatherers in Africa

A student photograph features a person working in a field in Uganda

Emory Report: Seeing the world through a different lens

Emory students' study abroad photos showcase learning experiences across the globe

Michael Yandell reflectively looks through a window

Emory Report: A veteran's next mission

Exposed to sarin gas as a soldier in Iraq, Emory PhD student Michael Yandell now studies moral injury, the emotional and spiritual damage that can occur when someone's deeply held moral beliefs are transgressed.

An original publication of To Kill a Mockingbird and Go Set a Watchman sit on display

Emory Report: Who was Atticus Finch?

Letters by Harper Lee acquired by Emory's Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives and Rare Book Library shed new light on the beloved and now controversial character of Atticus Finch.

An original copy of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" at Emory

eScienceCommons: How Frankenstein's monster became an icon

From labs to libraries, theaters to theology, Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" continues to spark wonder and debate 200 years after it was published.

An illustration of a globe with various types of researchers contributing to its creation

Emory Magazine: Minds at work

Where do Emory researchers go when they need some room to think? Find out in this photo essay from Emory Magazine's special research issue.

Emory Medicine: Learning from Lampreys

Emory Medicine: Learning from lampreys

Immunology pioneer Max Cooper and researchers in his lab are hoping that an ancient immune system can provide therapeutic insights into our own.

Emory Medicine: Heart Storms

Emory Medicine: Heart storms

What happens when the heart, the body's most important muscle, short circuits? Meet three Emory patients who survived unexpected cardiac emergencies.

Top 17 of 2017

17 of Emory's most-read stories of 2017

From research to rankings and even a Rhodes Scholar, take a look back at some of the stories that drew the most readers to the Emory News Center in 2017.

Hope, Help and Healing: 10 Emory stories that inspired us in 2017

Hope, help and healing: 10 inspiring Emory stories from 2017

The heart of Emory is the people who come here to learn, teach, work, help and heal. Meet just a few of the individuals and families who inspired us this year.

Emory's Best Photos of 2017

Emory's best photos of 2017

Every day, Emory photographers can be found from the classroom to the operating room, documenting the university's mission "to create, preserve, teach and apply knowledge in the service of humanity." View 12 of their best photos of the year.

Emory Eye Center immersive story- When Vision Betrays

Emory Health Digest: When vision betrays

An emeritus professor finds commonality with Impressionist masters when his vision begins to fail due to cataracts. Take an in-depth look at the surgical advances that help restore his clarity.

Emory Public Health: Responding to climate change

Emory Public Health: Responding to climate change

Rollins researchers study the health effects of global warming on multiple fronts.

Emory Report: Love, Barack

Emory Report: Love, Barack

Letters from Barack Obama to his college girlfriend, now part of the collection of Emory's Rose Library, reveal a young man grappling with his place in the world.

Emory Report: Inside Brotherman's Big City

Inside Brotherman's big city

In 1990, "Brotherman" debuted as one of the first comic books to feature a black hero. Almost three decades later, with help from Emory's digital scholars, this groundbreaking text is reimagined as an immersive, virtual reality world.

40 Under Forty Emory Magazine story

Emory Magazine: 40 under forty

They're young, they're smart, and they're making their mark. The first-ever class of "40 Under Forty" outstanding young alumni gives all 140,000-plus Emory graduates forty new reasons to be proud.

Emory Medicine: Surviving the Unsurvivable feature story

Emory Medicine: Surviving the unsurvivable

When a pine tree fell on Sylvia Ennis's car, impaling her, she began a multi-year medical odyssey that would require a care team of dozens -- and a lot of tenacity.

Emory Medicine: Doctors on the Field feature story

Emory Medicine: Doctors on the field

From the sidelines, team physicians respond to emergencies including concussions, broken bones, and cardiac arrests.

Emory Report: Celebrating Emory's Class of 2017

Emory Report: Celebrating Emory's Class of 2017

172nd Commencement | May 8, 2017

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